Active School 2020/2021

Active Week 2020

Our active week of 2020 was a little different to normal times, whereby it had to be conducted remotely in the safety of our homes. The girls also made an extra effort to be more active at home and filled in their Active Home charts each day. Those who partook, received a special cert and a little prize. As a school, we set the girls a different daily challenge and they uploaded  a video or picture of themselves getting involved in the activity. At the end of the week, all the photos and videos were compiled together to create a whole school Sports Day. Check out our video on our Facebook page:

Our Active School Committee of 2020 conducted a survey on students’ active involvement outside of school. As you can see, we are an active bunch for our small school! The results are presented in a bar chart below:

27th of April 2020

Try this workout as Gaeilge from RTÉ Jr for Active Home Week 2020!

Our Active School members for 2019/2020

Our Active School Committee work very hard in making sure St. Eithne’s can be as active as possible. They come together to discuss different ways to make the school more active. These girls are responsible for helping with organising active events, leading the school in exercises and keeping everyone informed about all our new ideas and activities.

Active School Slogan

The Active School Committee had a difficult job in deciding on our Active School winning slogan after receiving so many, fantastic entries from every class. In the end, ‘Every day we run and play, try and be active every day!’ was chosen as our Active School logo. A special word of congratulations to Delia in 3rd class for coming up with the winning entry!

March 2020: Visit from Caragh O’Donovan

Recently, St Eithne’s welcomed a very special visit from the ‘Sports For Schools’ initiative on 11th March. Our morning started out with an intense workout, completing a series of short and vigorous exercises. Even the teachers completed a circuit themselves! Following on from this, we listened to a motivational talk from our special visitor Caradh O’Donovan. 

Her talk was truly powerful and inspiring. She spoke of how she defied many obstacles and her message was clear- ‘To preserve and pursue your dreams’. 

Caradh, who is on the Irish Karate Team holds multiple world, European and National karate titles. We even got a chance to see her gold World Cup Trophy. Caradh also demonstrated a few karate moves with some brave volunteers from the audience!

Training with Robyn

Our 5th and 6th class students recently partook in Gaelic football matches as part of the Cumann na mBunscoil. Our GAA coach Robyn helped prepare and train the girls before their matches.

We are very lucky to have Robyn, from St Monica’s GAA Club coach the girls in GAA skills. Robyn who is a former student of St Eithne’s trains all classes for 30 minutes every Monday. The girls love taking part in GAA training and look forward to their session each Monday! What a great way to kick-start our week!

Movement Breaks

Even when we are not outside on yard or doing P.E, that doesn’t mean we can’t be active in class! Our school loves to partake in quick movement breaks during the day in our classrooms. Second class’ favourite movement break is ‘Go Noodle’ which they love to do every day. Look at us go!