Active School 2021/2022

National Walking Day

As part of European Week of Sport (23rd – 30th September) and National Walking Day, the whole school got involved in walking around our local area of Edenmore each day for the week. Take a look at us taking in our steps here:

New ASD Playground

This year saw the opening of two new classes in St. Eithne’s. In September, we welcomed an Early Intervention class and an ASD class. We converted our ‘Penny Lane’ area into a new safe play area where these boys and girls can play during lunch time.

Main Playground

To avoid different class bubbles mixing at yard time, our playground this year has been sectioned off into five different zones. Our 6th class playground leaders mark out each zone with cones everyday for our yard time. They also are in charge of placing the necessary equipment in the different play zones on the yard at each break as well as storing, sanitising and quarantining necessary resources. Each class will get the opportunity to play in the different zones throughout the week over a rotational basis. 

Timetable of each class’ yard zone for the week

New PE Equipment

To accommodate the visit of Caradh O’Donovan (professional karate champion) to our school in March 2020, we raised money under the ‘Sports for School’ initiative. From the grand total we raised, we were delighted that 60% of the money was allowed to go towards the purchase of sports equipment for the school. Check out some of our new purchases we made with the money we raised. The girls’ fundraising efforts were also acknowledged with wristbands and signed certificates from Caradh being  some of the prizes they received in October. Well done girls!

Active Break Challenge

As a whole school, we committed to doing active movement breaks each day over four weeks which started in November. We stuck the charts around our classroom and ticked off the type of movement break we performed each day. Everyone had lots of fun and it reminded us to keep active everyday! Check out this video to see what we got up to:

Glow Crazy

For a period of six weeks, (November-December) the girls were excited to learn that they were getting an additional 30 minutes P.E time every Wednesday with two wonderful instructors from the ‘Glow Crazy’ company. Each week saw a different activity which ranged from dance, active bingo, Pilates and yoga. The girls all really enjoyed these classes and had lots of fun each week. Check out this video to see what we got up to! 

Santa Dash

Once again this year, we donned our Santa hats at Christmas and ran around the school grounds and Edenmore as part of our Santa dash. 4th Class can be seen in full action completing their run here:

Run Around Ireland Challenge

At the end of April this year, each class in the school participated in the ‘Run Around Ireland’ challenge. We all walked around our local area and schoolgrounds for four weeks, discovering different walkways on route. We stuck the charts around our classrooms and ticked off the destinations and landmarks we made it to!  As a school, we managed to clock in 1,553.7km!! We had a competition to see which class could walk the most kilometres over the four weeks. 3rd Class won the competition with a whopping 465.6km. As their active prize, they decided to spend time playing in the local park!


3rd Class enjoyed their well earned prize

Active Walkway

On May 17th, we launched our Active Walkway. We came together with St Monica’s School in mapping out this walkway, which stretches across our whole school grounds. Our wonderful caretaker, Arthur, worked hard on putting up the signs and marking out this walkway. It has already got plenty of use in the few weeks it has been up!

PE Lessons:


Fantastic flexibility and mobility was demonstrated by our students in the strand of gymnastics. The girls really enjoyed partaking in a range of tumbles and rolls, balancing on different points of their bodies and especially creating balance poses with their partners.


Dodgeball proved to be a big favourite amongst 2nd Class this year as a whole class game:

2nd Class girls also demonstrated fantastic creativity in devising their own games whilst in their pods. After setting up their equipment, creating their game and putting it into practice, they demonstrated it to the whole class. 


What better way to take part in orienteering tasks, than using our own Active Walkway? 

4th Class can be seen completing an addition task on our Walkway here.

PE Equipment Audit

In June, we completed a P.E equipment audit and decided to move our equipment to a better home which is now at the side of our school stage and is easier to access. Many thanks to our caretaker, Arthur, for helping us set up this new area.

Bicycle Rack

Our students are encouraged to cycle, walk or scoot to school, where possible!! It is great to see our students (and staff) making more use of our bike rack especially when the weather is warmer. Bikes, scooters and electric scooters can be parked and securely locked here.


Physical activity doesn’t stop at the school door and so it is important that parents and the local community play their part in ensuring that our students remain active long after the school bell has rung! The following are some of the clubs available locally: 

St. Monica’s GAA Club- see Facebook page for more information 

Dance AMAD-lyrical, commercial and disco freestyle classes  at Della Salle School Hall, Raheny every Wednesday and Saturday. Contact Mairéad on 087-6116649 or see for more information. 

Olympus Dance and Music Academy-Ballet Classes (Unit 10, Greencastle Parade, Malahide Road Industrial Park, Dublin 17. Contact (01) 443 3559 for more information. 

 Learn2Swim- Children’s group lessons in Northside swimming pool on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. Contact 089 202 0759 or see Facebook page for more information. 

St. Anne’s Park Tennis Club-coaching for children organised throughout the week. Contact Hugh on 086-0271320 or see for more information. 

Colette Cooke School of Irish Dancing Raheny Dance Studios- call 087-1913354 for start dates or see for more information. 

Viva Dance-beginners and advanced dance classes in Scoil Chatríona Cailíní. Contact 087-3487377 or  see website 

Arabian Gymnastics Club-Baldoyle Industrial Estate: range of varying ability gymnastic classes available for children. See Facebook page or contact (01) 806 3444 for more information. 
River Holistic Yoga class for children-see website or contact 01-8310888 for more information. 

74th Edenmore Scout Group-contact