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Primary Science Website Information on Edenmore placenames in Irish
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The Department of Education and Science Local secondary school, Manor House
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Subtraction with zero on top line

Subtracting across a zero:


All about time

Telling time-hours and half hours:

Addition Associative property of addition

Understanding Fractions

Finding Fractions of a group


Multiplying by a single digit number

Multiplying by a multi digit number

Percentages Finding a percentage of a number

Adding decimals

Rounding decimals

Multiplying decimals


Tutorial for children

Long Division Tutorial

Long division song (to the tune of 'Ho,Hey!'):




Measurements Song

Measuring in cm/mm

Problem-Solving Tips to help solve maths problems

Algebra made easy

Finding the value of 'x'

Greater than/Less than signs

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Sites on the Antarctica - Tom Crean!
Games on the Arctic & Antarctic Information & Jokes on Antarctica
You wouldn't want to be a Polar Explorer Penguins
Tom Crean Web Quest Ms. Nolan's Webquest on Tom Crean