Match Report March 2011

My name is RW from 5th class and what I'm telling you about is the match which 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils played on Friday, March 4th. St. Eithne's was playing Scoil Eoin in the Fingal Schools' League. Both teams made an excellent effort to have a good game. But with an amazing score of 28-4, St. eithne's were the winning team. Within those 28, we scored 5 goals!!! It was a lovely afternoon to play a match - the sun was shining! During the match my teacher/coach and other supporters were cheering us on from the side-line. After the game, we shook hands with the other team. It was a great game!

Match Report May 2009

Hi I'm RF. Hi I'm ND and we're on the school GAA team. On Thursday 14th of May, we played Garristown in Parnell Park as it was the final. We tried our best but we lost. Everyone on our team got the chance to play. Our great goalie BM saved lots and lots of goals. After the match we all got a medal. When we came to school the next day the parents' association gave us a party We are all very proud we made it to the final. We couldn't have gotten there without the help of Stephen and Joanne. Also on behalf of the team we would like to thank Ms. O' donovan for all her help


Match Report April 2009

Our last few matches have had mostly good results. We have won some of them. Our first match was against St. Benedicts. It was played in Naomh Barrog on the all weather pitch. The final score was 3-15 for us and 0-2 for St. Benedicts. It was a great win for our school. Our second match was at home on the Springdale Road. We all walked up in our gear and the match started. Although we lost we played like a team and had lots of fun. Our third match was played in Hedgestown. We played brilliantly. The score was 8-8 to us and 0-0 to them.our most recent match was played up on the springdale road. 4th, 5th and 6th class came to support us. Sadly we lost. Ms. Bleheen came with us to the match. Stephen and Joanne were there too. After every match (win or lose) we shake our opponents hands. GO EITHNES!!!!!!
By ND & RF 5th class

Match Report 5/3/08 by HR 6th class

On Wednesday the 5th of of March St.Eithnes team played a gaelic match again St.Benedicts from Kilbarrack.We got changed in the school then we walked up to Springdale where we played.We got there at the exact time as the other team so as we hadn't got much time, we started to warm up straight away with running and a few stretches.When the whistle had blown we all started to play but we were all so cold so in the first half we didn't do as well because it was hard to get back into playing, but in the second half we did much better and the final score was three goals and five points to us and two goals and two points to Benedicts. So well done to Eithnes.Since it was a home match a lot of the girls showed up to support the team and to cheer along on the side line.The team also appreciates parents and students coming to watch.So if you want to come to the next match just come up to the school and find out where and when it is on. Your support would be much appreciated.Thank you to Ms O Donovan and Stephen who helped us to get ready for the match and will always be there to train us for the future.

Match Report  31/5/07 (written by the team captain)

Who was playing? St. Eithne's and Toberburr.

Where was it?We played the match in Parnell Park.

Who was there? St. Eithne's supporters were there and so were the Toberburr supporters.

When were they playing? We played the match on the 31st of May 2007.

Where were the teams from? St. Eithne's was from Dublin and Toberburr was from Meath.

Team colours? St. Eithne's was blue except for the goalkeeper was orange. Toberbur was green and gold.

Scores?Toberburr was 4-06 and St. Eithne's was 3-05

Who won the match?Toberburr won the match and they got the cup. Eithne's got medals.

Managers? St. Eithne's managers were Paul Dillon and Ms. O' Donovan.

How we felt? St. Eithne's felt sad and depressed and angry and upset. Even though we lost our managers were proud of us and our school was too. So were the teachers and parents.

Who was captain? Eithne's captain was KK and Toberburr captain was AS.

Anything else? Toberburr was delighted they won. Our manager was happy with us because we said 'well done' to them. The captain of the other team came to thank us for playing against them. We especially would like to thank Ms. O' Donovan, Eoin McGrath, Paul Dillon and all the supporters and teachers who came to support us. Thank you for all the help - from the Football team

The hard-working St. Eithne's team proudly wearing their new gear in Parnell Park. The new gear was kindly provided by the Parents' Association.
Match Report  24/4/07
On the 24th of April, St. Eithne's played a match against Toberburr. The score was 6-6 to 4-4. St. Eithne's lost by 2 goals and 2 points. If St. Eithne's had won that match we could have played in Croke Park, the biggest stadium in Ireland. But we have a second chance. We are playing in Garristown on Tuesday the 1st of May and if we win this match we're going to play in Croke Park against Toberburr. Hopefully we will win because the rest of the school will get to go to see them playing.
Match Report  31/3/06

On Friday, the 31st of March we played a match against Bellewstown. We had to travel all the way to Drogheda. When we got there we changed into our gear and went out to the field and the other team's manager was the ref.
The ball got thrown up into the air and MR caught it, she passed it to KK and KK scored a point. Then the other team kicked it out and scored a point too. Then SR kicked it out and it went to CD and she passed it to LB and she scored a goal. Then other people scored.
In the end the score was 6 goals, 14 points to us and 2 goals, 14 points to them.
We won!
by LB, 6th class

Match Report  29/3/06

At the match on Wednesday the 29th of March we played against Tobercurr .The day was good and all in all it went well. We had our class as our supporters and Miss O' Donovan and Miss Lord came along as well.
It was great - we did lose but we put up a fight and we had a great time! LB scored a goal and a few points I am  not so sure but she did great! And so did CD.
All of the class were cheering for all of us and it was really nice of them and were grateful for it even though we lost! 
We did our best and put our all into the game. Our class and the school were really proud of us and how we played. So after the match we went over to the other team and said thanks for playing with us and we said thanks for them playing fair.
I hope you liked the report and we did not win but we put up a fight and we want to say thanks to the teachers for organising the match! Thanks.
by AM and CD, 6th class

Eoin gives the team a few words of wisdom before the match
Match Report  8/3/06
Our team played for the first time last Wednesday, the 8th of March.  The teacher that came with us was Ms. Lord.  Our manager is Eoin.  We got to the match and we were in positions and LB and CD were midfield, AM and LOC were back.  LMD, NL   and CD were forward.  Our goalkeeper was NM and our substitutes were GR, CF, LM and ED.  We were playing against St. Margaret's from Finglas.  Eoin was the referee. 
The kick-off was at 2.15pm.   The ball was thrown up into the air and CD got it and kicked it up to the forwards and NL caught it and scored a goal.  The St. Margaret's goalkeeper kicked it out and one of their team caught it and kicked it up to their forwards and they scored 3 goals.   The first half was over and they changed positions.  The second half started.   LB got the ball and ran the pitch and scored 3 points. 
The match was over and a girl from the other team came over and said 'thank you for playing and better luck the next time you play us'.   The score of the match was 1 goal, 3 points to St. Eithne's and 5 goals to St. Margaret's.
by LB, 6th class