St. Eithne's is a girls' school you see
It also has a nursery
The girls they shout and smile with glee
When it's time to learn their history

Our principal's name is Miss Corboy
She likes to see us girls enjoy
Our teacher's name is Ms. Curry
She is very nice and can be funny

In school we have so much fun
but when it's time we've to knuckle down and get things done

We built a pond and shrubs and seeds and have little tadpoles swimming happily.
It's nice to do things for the planet
It makes us proud and very happy

by ASC, 3rd class


Is it the words, the rhythm or is it the rhyming

In a verse there has to be good timing

A good poem does not have to rhyme

but I write them like that all the time!

When we write poems in school I get really excited

and because I do it all the time it's not that hard to write it!

by HC, 5th class

A Poem by ASC, 3rd class

St. Eithne's is very keen to keep our school green and clean

so listen up we don't mean to nag

Follow our green rules and we can keep our green flag

Think of this as something new to do

At home and in school it is green

It is clean

Don't set pollution

Set a solution

A Trip to the Playground

On Wednesday my family and I went to the playground because it was sunny. First I got ready and had breakfast. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. They had flowers on them. They were so cosy and warm. Next I got into the car. My car was very dark purple, almost black. It was very clean. We went to get petrol.

After Robyn and I were so hungry so we got an ice-cream. It was vanilla. It was nice and cold. My mum got a cone and chocolate. Later we went to the park. It was huge. There were loads of children there. I went on the big slide. Then I went on the swings.

Finally my nana came in her car and we went home. My nana brought sandwiches with ham on them. It was a nice sunny day. I had great fun.

by HM, 4th class.

My Surprise Party

On Saturday the 13th of December my family had a surprise party for me in Energy. First my dad said he had to get money from a man. We arrived outside a place called Energy. We parked the car and then I saw my cousin Aoife. I told my mam that I saw her and we went in to say hi. Next I walked in and all my cousins jumped out and shouted SURPRISE. I got a big fright and then my mam said this is your birthday party. So we took off our shoes and jackets off and then we got vests. Mine said It's my birthday on it. After a while Gemma arrived. Gemma gave me a present. We went around to where my mam and family were sitting. We gave it to her to mind so off we went to play. Later my name got called out and we went into a room. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a great birthday.

by LK, 4th class

My Place - a poem by RF, 4th class

My brain is full of poems,

All stored up in my head,

And now from all the writing,

I dream of them in bed.


When I dream, I dream of this,

Imaginary space,

So if you ever need me,

You'll find me,

In my imaginary place.


No one ever goes there,

that's why I call it mine,

I'll remember it for ages,

Untill I am 99!


Why are cooks so cruel?
Because they batter the fish, beat the eggs, and whip the icecream.

What's another name for Dracula?
A pain in the neck

Doctor doctor my husband just swallowed a fountain pen. What shall I do?
Use a pencil till I get there.

Why was a fence put around a graveyard?
Because people were dying to get in.

How is a skunk different to a rabbit?
A It uses a cheaper deodorant.

Why are Leopards not good at hide and seek?
Because they're always spotted !

What do you get if you cross a man-eating shark with a helicopter?
A helichopper !

If a buttercup is yellow what colour is a hiccup?
A Burple !

What is an ig?
An Eskimo's house without a loo.

Why are sausages so bad mannered?
Because they spit in the frying pan !


"What did the traffic light say to the mummy?"

"Don't look now I'm changing!"



Hallowe'en is so scary,

I might dress up as a princess fairy,

You should keep your dogs in at night,

Because they will get a big fright.

People put up decorations

That make it look like a celebration

Sometimes ghosts like to say boo

And sometimes they say how do you do?

I can't wait for Hallowe'en

It's like a big scary dream

I have my costumes all picked out

I think there are witches creeping about.


Hallowe'en! Hallowe'en! Hallowe'en is here!

Let's all gather round and give a really big cheer!

Hallowe'en night is very scary

Who wil have a heart attack - me nearly!

Goblins and wolves gather around the fire

to see the spirits worst desire.

Witches and trolls eating all our rolls

Scooby Doo with the gang too

They are looking for me and you

We all look scary on Hallowe'en night

that everyone who's out will get a big



Fred the frog is a silly frog

Because he is afraid of a dog!

Fred the frog is a clumsy frog

Because he always trips over a log!

Fred the frog doesn't like bread

and he calls his lily pad his bed!


Are you from Cork?

I am a roo

and do you eat potatoes?

I do in stew

and how do you eat them?

with skins and all

and do you like them?

sure not at all!

by JJ 4th class

A poem by ND 4th class

Little Miss Tiny!

Little Miss Tiny,

Got very whiney,

Eating her crumbs of bread,

Along came a guard,

Who gave her a card,

And said,

''Oh, Happy Birthday my friend''.

MY CLASS - a poem by K.S. 6TH CLASS

I like the children in my class
They are so good, not bold as brass

They take their time and do their work
They have some fun and jobs are perks

They never fiddle or make a mess
They learn and learn for their test

They are never silly, they are very smart
They listen carefully while doing art

They do their best in everything
And sit quietly when they hear the bell ring.




We all go to the same school,

It's no walk in the park,

It's no dip in the pool

We have to work really hard and do our best,

It's like it's all work, no play and never any rest.

We're in sixth class now and we have to make our Confirmation,

We should be glad that we're one of God's creations.

At least we have our friends to get us through each year,

But we still have to go to secondary school and college to get a good career.


"A customer says to the waiter 'What is that fly doing in my soup?'

The waiter says 'It's doing the back stroke!'"


"What did the chimney say to his son? - 'You're too young to be smoking!"



Our school was very messy
I can not tell a lie
And if I saw it worse
I might have died
And then we got our Green Flag
And it turned out fine
We weren't going to worry
Because now we've got our

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