Student Council

The Student Council is elected every year from the student body.

Here are some of their great ideas:
" The Council decided to zone areas of the yard for skipping, games, basketball etc. - this is working really well.

" The girls had great fund-raising ideas to raise money for some much needed computer updating and repairs.
" The Council decided to get mini-fridges for each classroom to keep our milk cool. This means we have less waste and more girls are drinking the milk.

The Council have picked out a lovely new table and benches for the yard where we will play with outdoor chess sets and other board games.

The Council have also sourced some lovely displays for our yard and playground area and we will display the playground rules so everyone can play safely and fairly.

Two members of our Council attend the Comhairle na nÓg AGM in Croke Park every year. Here they get to meet with many other student council members to discuss issues affecting young people today.

St. Eithne's student council was established to give the pupils of the school a greater sense of ownership over their school and also to foster improved relations between senior classes and between pupils and teachers. It is made up of ten pupils; five from fifth class and five from sixth class, all of whom were elected to sit on the council by their peers. We meet on the first Monday of every month, during lunch-time. In our meetings, we discuss suggestions left in our suggestion box for possible changes to school policy and practice. We also discuss any issues which the principal and /or other teachers would like the pupils' opinion on and any issues which the council itself would like to see changed in the school. To date, the council has brought about the following agreed changes; secured funding for the purchase of a school Gaelic football kit, 'show and tell' at weekly assemblies, decoration of fifth and sixth class toilet areas, 'treat day' each Wednesday,where pupils can take a break from the school's healthy lunch policy, student council members have begun to act as mentors to younger classes during yard-times. It is hoped that the student council will continue to serve as a platform for the pupils to engage in democratic discussion, thus preparing them somewhat for future citizenship.

After Schools Club
We are lucky to have an after schools club which meets on Mondays and Tuesdays from half two until half three.  In the after schools club we get a snack, then we do our homework.   When our homework is finished we get to do fun activities.  We have our After Schools Club thanks to the School Completion Programme which we are part of. Ms. Heffernan organises our After Schools Club. Have a look at our Links page which lists some sites which may help you with your homework.

Breakfast Club

The Rise'n'Shine Club is open every morning before school serving cereal, juice and toast. Ms.Lynch organises the Breakfast Club and it is staffed by teachers and parent volunteers.

Adult Education
We have lots of adult classes going on in our area thanks to our HSCL coordinator. Please contact her if you would like more information.
Green Schools' Committee
Our Green Schools' committee meets once a week to work on green issues in our school.Thanks to all our hard work we have been awarded three green flags.

School Garden

We have established a school garden. We have a pond, a hedgerow, a woodpile, a bird table and lots of different types of beds for planting. We love using our school garden and have even found tadpoles and frogs in our pond!

Our team manager is Ms. O' Donovan. Click here to read some recent match reports and to see pictures of our team in action!
Basketball training is on a Thursday after school. Our team have been very successful, twice reaching the finals in the National Basketball arena.
Swimming classes take place each year. Each class will have 5 sessions. Swimming takes place on a Thursday, so make sure your daughter doesn't forget her swimming gear.